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And now, a complete transcript of Gene Chizik's complete remarks at SEC Media Days.*

On the discussion between him and Jule Roe Lach at NCAA Media Days:

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On Danny Sheridan's claim that the NCAA has ID'd the bag man in the Cam Newton case:

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And finally, on the issue of Auburn's recruiting in the shadow of an ongoing NCAA investigation:

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*You and I and Pat Dye, currently fishing for moles off his deck while sipping a Bloody and listening to Ronnie Milsap's "Smoky Mountain Rain," know that Gene Chizik said next to nothing in his SEC Media Days session, and that his comments are best replaced with dummy Latin text. He was asked about Danny Sheridan's claims that the NCAA had ID'd the bag man in the Cam Newton case, and he reiterated the NCAA's statement that Auburn did nothing wrong. He said the same thing to every other query involving the NCAA and Auburn.

He also used the phrase "I sleep good when my head hits the pillow," making him the SEC's king of #SLEEPBRAGGING. If his boasting about his luxurious and comfortable slumber strikes you as strange, keep in mind that the only way Chizik and Auburn could escape this level of scrutiny at this point IF they were cheating is if the school was paying recruits in a dream within a dream.

You're now seeing Trooper Taylor waving his towel as he runs down a rotating hotel corridor while fighting an NCAA investigator, aren't you? And Harvey Updyke kicking a sleeping Chizik's chair into a bathtub full of Spike 80 DF? You are? Good. In conclusion: War BRAAAAAAHHHHHHHHM Eagle.