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Far from looking like a coach under siege, Georgia head coach Mark Richt appeared to be completely at ease during his session at SEC Media Days appearance on Thursday. In his 25 minute session, Richt addressed the upcoming matchup with Boise State, his longevity at Georgia, the hot seat, and his desire to show he still has the penitentiary steel to bring fake G's to their knees.

Richt went on to explain his belief that the edge in their upcoming matchup against Boise State came down to the 3-4 defense and the challenges it can pose for a versatile offense like Boise State's attack.

"I think the 3-4 can do a lot against Boise State's offense. I think we have to do that. But our main advantage comes in Chris Petersen's false claims to be a playa, despite the fact that I met his wife and found her to be a lovely person." 

Richt, looking relaxed, tanned, and flashing obscure gang signs at reporters, dismissed a question from Mike Bianchi about UCF's victory over Georgia in their bowl game.

"I wouldn't call it 'devastating." We didn't like it. It hurt. But it wasn't devastating. Devastating is the game I lay on Chris Petersen, Will Muschamp, Joker Phillips, and most especially that Junior Mafia mark ass bitch--excuse my language, ladies--Derek Dooley."

He also dismissed talk of a negative atmosphere surrounding Richt's possible hot-seat status for 2011. 

"I'll tell you, there's no doom and gloom in the Butts-Mehre Center. We continue to push packages every hour. I remind all of them at this point that we keep on coming while we running for your jewels. We will do this with steady gunning, and will continue to bust at all those fools, leaving them in pieces. There's something about Little Caesar in here regarding the rules, but don't quote me on that."

When asked about the contributions of incoming freshman Isaiah Crowell to the 2011 team, Richt was quick to temper expectations for the blue-chip running back and to address those who would travel his streets without fear or trepidation.

"We don't expect a freshman to carry our team. We expect him to compete. We also believe you should not trifle with real g's like myself and Mike Bobo, and would remind you and any Little Kim-style ugly--again, I beg your pardon, ladies--bitches could be snatched from the street at our leisure. We want good guys on our team, because to be blunt, Bad Boys get murdered on wax in this league." 

Richt, entering his 11th season in the SEC, believes his longevity is directly attributable to his staff, the support he's received from the community and organization in Athens, the lessons of his mentors, and to winning.

"It's not difficult if you're winning. It's not difficult if you continually remind people of what's important, and that is to grab your clips if you see Mark Richt. Hide your tricks if you see Mark Richt. Losing to UCF was hard, and you may have shot me, metaphorically speaking, but your henchmen did not finish. You're about to feel the wrath of a menace."

 Richt paused, and smiled.

"We hit 'em up."

The Georgia coach exited the room to continue his session with radio and television, but did stop on the way out of the main ballroom to shoot Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Bianchi in the knee.