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We are at SEC Media Days all day long. For best results, mix a live feed with our various affiliated Twitter feeds and watch the precious hours evaporate!

SEC MEDIA DAYS HAVE OUTGROWN BIRMINGHAM AND LET'S GO TO NEW ORLEANS YES LET'S GO TO NEW ORLEANS. Nothing about this article makes any sense, since wireless isn't really a matter of city size, and maybe Jon Solomon doesn't understand the internets and science and stuff, but any article that suggests this---

"There's no question this has outgrown Birmingham," reporter Ivan Maisel said. "Take it to Atlanta. Take it to New Orleans."

--is a rhetorical friend of ours. May we, as Atlanta residents, suggest that the decrepit and corrupt city of Atlanta could not handle the full brunt of the SEC press corps hitting it all at once, and that only New Orleans would do thanks to its safety, efficiency, and ample accommodations.

THAT THING YESTERDAY. On the whole, we agree with Blutarsky that Slive's sort of spitballing with his proposals to reform college athletics, especially on the issue of academic progress ratings in high school. The general feeling from a deep abyss of cynicism is that we're asking for even greater and more elaborate fraud, and....nevermind, we support it all, this sounds fantastic for our purposes. Carry on. 

IVIES WOULD LIKE TO AVOID CONTACT, HIRE OTHERS TO HIT FOR THEM. Steve Spurrier already does this, so really it's the Ivy League following the lead of a rogue genius and then claiming it as their own. Not at all typical of anything.

OH THE WONDERS OF THE LONGHORN NETWORK. Besides already forcing people into possible recruiting violations by simply existing, it's also widening the gap between Texas and the rest of the Big 12, and exacerbating what you may view as either the legitimate gripes or complete psychosis of Texas A&M fans. (Guess which one Peter thinks it is!)

SIGNS THAT OLIVER LUCK MAY REALLY BE AN ILLUMINATUS.  Scheduling a game with James Madison and still managing to make money off it? Andrew Luck's father is in Quantum, orchestrates shadowy Viennese "suicides" of those who wrong him, and enjoys white wine from the veranda of his villa on Lake Como, and the world doesn't even know half of the splendor.

THIS SORT OF QUALIFIES AS GOOD NEWS AFTER THE OFFSEASON UCF'S HAD. A suspended license arrest is really a cause for celebration when you think about UCF and the year 2011 so far.