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Bobby Petrino faced a barrage of questions at SEC Media Days, including continued skeptical investigation of his very humanity.

Petrino discussed how he crafts the offense around his quarterbacks, talked about how he changed hand signals, and for the third time refused to cut himself on stage to show that he bleeds real human blood that is red like yours or mine.

"I don't know how many times to tell you this. I'm human, just like you are. End of story."

Petrino raved about the maturity of his improved defense, and also praised the hard work of incoming starting qb Tyler Wilson.

"He's been at every session, even when he doesn't have to be."

Petrino also refused to go outside just to show that he could tolerate sunlight. He then rebuffed pleas to allow strangers to touch his flesh to see that it was warm, and not cold like a zombie's. After a question discussing kickoff coverage and Arkansas's struggles with special teams, Petrino had a particularly testy exchange with Ivan Maisel from

"So if you are not a robot, you can deny my orders, yes?"

"I'm not a robot."

"Raise your right hand and say, 'I'm not a robot.'"

"I'm not doing that."

[turns to crowd] "ASIMOV WAS FULL OF SHIT."

Petrino then meekly thanked the crowd, and exited to address the radio room.