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So hey guys what r u doin' LOL JUST FISHIN.


Apologies for the slows, but this week features a unique blend of post-inconveniencing travel and long-form assignments for the mothership including a sail on the SS Kliff Kingsbury with Mike Leach yesterday. So yes, we will be resuming normal programming as soon as something like normality returns and we get some sleep since the past week has involved a lot of being bitten by fish and plane-hopping and seriously sleep deprivation, y'all, sleep deprivation. The pirate captain was beyond accommodating, and even bought us Cuban coffee which we needed because we went out at 4:30 p.m. and fished non-stop until one in the morning powered only by bloodlust and fishmania. He agrees with us that "Free Bird" should be the national anthem of the United States, and considers this fact "indisputable."

Index along in a bit, along with the piece on noodling, the other fish-bitey activity we did this week.