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Today is Fearless Leader's birthday (you might have heard), and to celebrate it he's rotting away in Terminal D at Hartsfield, where he's missed one flight to Key West already.* In his absence, please enjoy this reasonable facsimile of ye olde Curiouf Index. Lordamercy, we miss the old font. 

REGGIE BUSH PROVIDETH THE QUOTE OF THE DAY. Via SBN's erstwhile USC blogger, who (bless his heart) sat through Reggie Bush's SportsCenter interview, this was ... memorable?


WHILE WE'RE ON THE SUBJECT OF THE WORLDWIDE LEADER. Eleven Warriors has perusable copies of records requests fired off in an Ohio-Stately direction:

It ranges from the super-polite Doug Lesmerises of the Cleveland Plain Dealer to ESPN who came with the "we know you have 10 days to fulfill this request, but could you please hook us up in five so we can get the dirt into our latest issue, a hit piece on your school?"

AND WHILE WE'RE ON THE SUBJECT OF OHIO STATE. They appear to have lost a recruit to Michigan. Everybody act calm, the better to spot the twitching Buckeye partisans in your midst. 

AND SPEAKING OF LOST PLAYERS. UGA's Brent Benedict is Hokie country-bound

WE NOW ABANDON THIS PREMISE. Here is what we think the WAC might look like in 2012, but we are honestly so exasperated with the entire concept of WACspansion (enjoy gaining AQ status with Texas State, which can't even win in the Southland, and three non-football schools as members, y'all!) that we didn't even bother to proofread that last paragraph, so YMMW.

TROPHIES! FRESH TROPHIES, BOUGHT AND SOLD! The Thorpe and Payton watch lists are out. 

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE RAPS! GET YOUR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE RAPS! Donald Brown (the Thundering Herder, not the Colt): Current alleged wife-beater and now-former Marshall starter

FIGHTING STYLE: MANY WORDS. The illustrious Bill C. previews Cincinnati with more respect and detail than they really deserve. Such is the beatitude of Bill.  

FIGHTING STYLE: MANY NUMBERS. College football stat nerds: Thisaway, if you please. 

UNIDENTIFIABLE FILLING IS REDOLENT OF SAWDUST. One more time for the cheap seats: Randy Edsall ice cream

*Key West? Key West. Why? To interview a noted fencing enthusiast, of course. More on this later.