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While we all know the official EDSBS editorial policy on mixing politics with our football, once a year after every national championship game, the two are combined by force*, and this year's melding was particularly forceful, mostly because TROOPER TAYLOR CHEST-BUMPED THE PRESIDENT. This is an event that cannot be written in lower-case letters. 

[scroll to the 17:00 mark for the MAIN EVENT]

Unbeknownst to most viewers, this isn't the first time something like this has happened, but it does mark the first occurrence without disastrous consequences. Joe Paterno dapped William Henry Harrison at an ice cream social on the White House lawn in 1841. One month later, President Harrison was dead. Lane Kiffin, as an assistant on the 2004 USC team, gave a celebratory dicktap to George W. Bush, and an overzealous Secret Service agent took drastic steps to ensure the President would never again be placed in such an undignified position. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts and legal constraints, the plan to disrupt the space-time continuum to alter the outcome of the 2005 Orange Bowl was scuppered and, well, you see what they had to settle for to erase its existence from the history books.