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Posted on Buster's MySpace page, which autoplays "Seein' Red" by Unwritten Law whether you want it to or not.


i read this article called

"everyone is smoking weed in college sports"

i have so say some stuff 

before y'all get it twisted

and stuff


weed is from the earth

it is not bad

it is not a performance enhancer unless you're playing certain video games

it is not a cause to be worried about athletes

they have sweet lives on campus anyway and papasan chairs if they want

unless they are bad for your back

which is bullshit because those things are so comfortable

weed has never scored a touchdown

weed has never punted a goal

weed has never made water polo not water polo

weed has never scored a basket

okay weed may have scored a basket

rasheed wallace is weed

what was i talking about 






so i don't care if football players smoke dank

because a concussion is kind of like being high

but without the good parts

and they all have concussions

so why not make them tolerable

kind of like high definition concussions

the heath bar crunch blizzard

of concussions


i'm gonna go get a blizzard

and maybe a mr misty

that slushy thing

i don't care what you call it

i'm gonna eat one and it's gonna make my head hurt so bad

like a concussion

but no brain damage

(lol brain damage)


y'all need to chill that's all i'm saying


stay b to the reezy