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Unlike some places on this misbegotten pool ball rocketing around the universe, the Subcontinent never turned its back on the mustache. It is a fact of science that Indian men are born with a full mustache, and shave it until the age of 15 or so just to keep the rest of the world from invading it out of sheer jealousy.

13 year old National Spelling Bee competitor Prakash Mishra, however, says he's American, and that the ghosts-laws of the Raj don't apply to him anymore, man. Please spell "overpowering masculinity," Mr. Mishra. "No problem." 


If you put your ear to it in a quiet room, you can hear it whispering "Amitabh Bachchan is a pussy."  खुश बुधवार मूंछें, कमीने!*

*Google translate lists this as "Happy Mustache Wednesday, you bastard!" If you speak the language of a million gods, please enlighten us as to what "motherfucker" would be. (HT: Darren Rovell.)