This is both a personal favor and a service to the commentariat at large. For some reason, I only started saving the genius .gifs y'all have made in the past couple days. I would like to get my hands on as much "Fuck Clemson" material as possible to share with my fellow Cocks on the one internet message board I can actually tolerate.

/looks at An 'eer with a beer and Whiskey_Soup

And fear not, I won't tell the unwashed masses to come here. Some are already here, but let's not press our luck, yes?

So please post whatever Fuck Clemson propaganda you would like to create or have already created and saved in this thread up to this point. And, of course, don't let this thread stagnate your work on future masterpieces. You're doing the Lord's work.


Y'all's Brother In Fuck Clemson

She Blinded Me With Violence

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