EDSBS Embedded Poster Oscar Whiskey Reports: Iraq is hot and boring

Reader and commenter extraordinaire Oscar Whiskey is in Iraq, and has fascinating college football-related things to share with you. Astonishing photos after the jump.


Hey what's up men and women of the vaunted EDSBS Commentariat?!  Oscar Whiskey reporting in and today was my first day off after 35 straight twelve hour days and I thought I'd treat you all to some pictures I've taken here and a little video I made.

Note: There aren't a lot to these pictures and there's a very good reason for that; OPSEC.  While walking around snapping these shots I was stopped twice and asked of exactly what I was taking pictures.  When I explained and showed the photos I was allowed to carry on.  So if you were hoping for some really cool shit, sorry, I've had enough of Government Compliance Man to last me a while.

Further Note: While I was walking around taking these photos the IA was having some range time.  Now, we've all seen AK's going full auto in movies and videos but having them go off 400 meters from where you are standing on the other side of a 10 foot T-wall is an entirely different experience.  When you hear them you can't help but stop and listen and just let your mind wander...Anyway!

So, photos after the JUMP

All right one of the first things that I noticed about this place when I got here and figured you all would love is that the street names are named after COLLEGE MASCOTS!  How fucking cool is that?!  Seriously, it almost felt like fate and I was pretty excited about it.  Of course that soon faded after the first couple of incomings and I went right back to cursing fate.  Anyway!

There are no scantrons here or they haven't been procured yet but still critical to Ryan Mallet's (Code Name: "Treebeard") ongoing mission here in the IJOT.Img_0201_medium

This street sign makes everyone giggle the first time they see it and I have no idea why?


Also there is a complete lack of Brahsomeness on this street.

C-USA represents well in Iraq...


Yes the New Mexico St - UTexas rivalry is a fierce one...wait, what?  Oh, those Aggies?  Pfft, fuck them and their crazy ass cult of chorale...


Stanford or Louisville, whichever pops into your head first...


Hahahaha, I have no idea why this sign made me laugh so hard


Yes, of course I saved this for last, it is blessed by Cam Newton himself after all...


As promised to Mtr_in_SC and several others, the Eat Shit Pitt T-72


Close up


Sorry Wanny, but this tank would fuck up your camaro something awful...

You ever see an M109 Paladin fucked up by an IED?


Well, now you have.

And I thought this one was just funny...


Not the fucked up cop car the graffiti on the side of the ambulance.

 Also I made you all a video, hope you enjoy.  RECOMMENDED READING AND LIQUID FOR CONSUMPTION FOLLOWS:




So yeah, that's everything I hope you enjo...(/door opens)

Government Compliance Man: Hello, are you Oscar Whiskey?

OW: Yes sir.

GCM: Oh good.  Apparently there have been numerous OPSEC violations attributed to you and several of your coworkers have complained that you have been "taking the Lord’s name in vain," liberally.

OW: Oh god damn it!

GCM: Yes, exactly.  So I’m going to need you to attend an 8 hour OPSEC and HR sensitivity training tomorrow at 0700.  Is that, ok?

OW: I guess…is this training billable?

GCM: Certainly, we wouldn’t deny you billable hours even though you aren’t working.

OW: Well, that’s good I suppose.

GCM: Yes, have a productive day and remember that it is okay to be suspicious of people who don’t look like you.

OW: Um, thanks.

GCM: You’re quite welcome.  Now if you will excuse me I have to go see about being fit for a glow belt.



Well, looks like I'll be busy tomorrow but to everyone, thank you for all your support!  This is Oscar Whiskey signing out.  Stay safe, stay vigilant.

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