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We are somewhat delayed this morning by trees deciding they wanted to lay down and take naps all over downtown Atlanta. Get up trees! You don't need naps and can't get back up once you're down there, because you're trees! Also, you're laying on our cable lines, and that makes things unnecessarily complex for us. Stupid trees.

(Fun ATL note: the more you pay for your home intown, the more likely you are to be killed by a falling tree. Inside 285, it's a plush, prestigious death.)

The Index will be along in a moment, but for now you will have to make do with a picture of Aaron Murray wearing a men's satchel/carry-all/he-purse with a confidence bordering on swagger.


BRING YOUR SWAGGER PURSE should be UGA's motto, since ALL IN (this purse full of hundreds) is already taken by Auburn. Aaron Murray has come dangerously close to making us like him by obviously having a sense of humor about himself, hurting his ankle playing soccer, and by looking quite good but not overly so against Florida in the Cocktail Party. (We like our rival quarterbacks to be impressive, but not defeat-inducingly so.) With that kind of sass and Isaiah Crowell keeping it chill in the backfield, the Georgia Swagger Purse is looking to be quite the accessory for 2011.*

(Via Matt)

*The hot item at Florida: butt-enhancing BOOM Pant for Gentleman and Ladies. Like John Brantley in the pocket and Will Muschamp in his first year, the BOOM Pant holds up that which might need a little help sticking out otherwise this year. Order now and receive the Charlie Weis Marsupial Genius Pouch for just one dollar more!