Barbecue, y'all

We''ve gone round and round on this site about who/where/what is the best barbecue, and the regionality is something to behold. While I grew up in North Florida, my grandparents' favorite place had Carolina mustard sauce, so I ended up liking a little bit of everything. Every time this is brought up, people shout out their favorite hole-in-the-wall place down the street or regional legendary landmark as "THE barbecue place and no other will suffice and if you argue I will cut you", and the arguments start. That's great, if you're FROM those areas, or have occasion to go to those areas. Some of us don't have that opportunity exactly. Dreamland may (or may not) be the best 'cue in Alabama, but I'm not going to be in Bama any time soon. Ditto with your favorite place in Charlotte or Memphis.

So, I've been wanting to ask this for a while: what barbecue sauces, etc. would you recommend that don't require a trip to that one place on the corner in your town? Yes, we get that KC Masterpiece sucks. So, in my grocery store in Hawaii, what should I pick up if I want good sauce? And please, for those of us who are pan-'Cueists, don't just stick to one genre of sauce/spice. It may KILL you to even think about putting mustard anywhere near your pig, but I love that, and I love mesquite, and I love hickory, and I love vinegar sauces, and....because really, while you may think yours is the BEST, can you really go wrong with barbecue'd meat? (other than KC Masterpiece, I guess).

For what it's worth, there's a place here that has a guava barbecue sauce that's out of this world. I'll see if I can find somewhere that bottles it or something like it that may be available elsewhere. Here in Hawaii it's either island style like that or Asian style like Korean barbecue sauces.

Recipes encouraged as well--if you can teach me to make a good sauce, that's even better than buying it!

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