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A few site notes, but first the cookie: Les Miles thinks.


Speaking of Michigan men: the reskin for the charity drive in honor of our University Most Generous has been delayed by our own disorganization, but it still on the way. Auburn has something en route as well, and we swear it will feature no jokes of a non-affectionate nature. The tattoo has been chosen, and it's looking both ursine and explosion-y.

Since we broke our brain putting together the Choose Your Own Adventure post, all compass points reset and focus toward tomorrow morning, when we will have the usual Curious Index followed by the customary array of dazzling bullshit you've come to expect always from your fellow commenters and occasionally from us. A few links of necessity in the interim between then and us hiding out in the closet with Magnus playing "Let's Huddle Inside A Bowling Alley" tonight as MEGASTORMS roll through.

And the eyes go back to Miles. He just keeps thinking. And thinking. "Taffy. Fake Field Goal. Win. Snoop. Kiki Mingo. Taffy. Lottery. Schembechler. Peach taffy. Golf ball hail with little fish frozen in 'em. Tigers." In what is a horrendous week for him, in thinking about Les Miles thinking silly things we are hopefully also simply thinking about the Miles family, and in our own way sending them thoughts. ( And if you're not doing that, well, do it now.)