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The NCAA announced the adoption of several rules today, and they fall into three categories and one piece of crap so noxiously stupid it gets only a gif in response. 

THE SCREAMING OBVIOUS. The Dooley Rule as it shall universally be known allows for a ten second clock runoff if a team commits a clock-stopping foul in the final minute of either half. The Vols lost the Music City Bowl outright because of the lack of this rule, thoughletting the Shoopfense run down the field on the final drive, shame of perdurable shames, also helped Butch Davis dodge the guillotine in Chapel HIll.

Cancer, a substantial NCAA scandal and attendant roster losses due to ineligibility, and being the head coach at North Carolina have not killed Butch Davis. Conclusion: He may be The Postmortal.

THE SIMPLIFIED. A rule clarifying where and when players may or may not block below the waist. There are a few tricky clauses in there, but in short the rule says you can't block someone low if you're not facing them or the sideline seven yards outside the box starting with the center and working out from there.

This is most likely targeting nasty crackback blocks on run plays where a wideout in motion ends up putting helmet on tender sideways kneecap. Anyone seven yards out from center and in? Fair game for blocking below the waist, however. #AMURRICA

NO THREESOMES, PLEASE. Rules Committee changes also forbids three men lining up shoulder to shoulder against a single player on placekicks. Players will now resort to lining up four deep and pleading legalisms. (Well, you didn't say FOUR, man.)

TAUNTING RULE.  Response after jump.