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A few updates on the fundraiser must be made. EDSBS readers have now contributed over $10,000 total as of noon today, the most current update we have. This includes one baller who dropped a a grand. This donor will surprise no one by being from Texas, a state of gigantism run amok. We admire this wholeheartedly, but most especially in the name of charity. Stunned Dog is stunned.

    The breakdown of total donors with dollars for the top eight schools
  1. Auburn: 22 donors for 1178.38
  2. Florida 13 donors for 499.84
  3. UGA 11 donors for 621.22
  4. Notre Dame 9 donors for 375.66
  5. Alabama 4 donors for 372.21
  6. LSU 4 donors for 106.58
  7. Michigan 4 donors for 169.87
  8. Ohio State 4 donors for 232.67

We are delighted by the SEC's strong showing in a category traditionally dominated by the Midwest, though donations may be forthcoming from our Big Ten brethren because of, well, you know... a certain deliberate pace about things. Texas has only had two donors, but when one of them drops a grand it's enough to put you in second place overall. Auburn still leads, and you'll be reading Every Dye Should Be Paturday next week if no one unseats them from their perch at the top of the leaderboard.

There was a question about matching corporate donations. RRISA loves them. As with all questions, email them at with your questions, and they will be happy to answer them.

The drive ends on Friday. Donate here, and read about the dastardly man who broke into USC's Compliance Office here.