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First, an update on the totals. Over night some two grand or so rolled in, so now the EDSBS commentariat is over five grand for the very young week. Prorated over a course of three and a half more days, we might very well have a chance at permanently defacing our sublime greenish-yellow jaundice-colored skin with a tattoo, though we dare you to try because we made it fifty grand for a very good reason. It is a shitload of money.

For those new to this game: this is the fundraiser summary, and this is the donation button. Remember to include the score of your most delicious rivalry game victory in the note, and then put NA in the address unless you want to show off how charitable your fabulous self really is. These are the people you are benefitting, and they are mad photogenic in addition to being worthy recipients of your assistance.


Burma: troubled, but full of good looking people whose food will blow your tongue's mind.

Though we are a long way from $50,000, we have already had LSUFreek brainstorm some tattoo possibilities. They are horrifying, but that is what you want, yes?

1. The Circle of the Areola-ables. Pain index: extreme, both in terms of having a nipple tat and in having Houston Nutt's crazypants words on your hide forever.


2. The $180,000 Tattoo. Pain index: extreme thanks to yearly copyright payments to Cecil Newton.


3. The iPad Cat In The Hat. Pain index: high due to extreme tedium of having Jim Tressel as part of your personal brand. Plus: looks like bad stoner tattoo. 


Contrary to other Ohio State tattoos, there would be no discounts or barter for what is a detailed and expensive piece of ink.

4. The Tribal Les-Band. Pain index: extreme due to placement and cost. Will also be done with hallucinogenic ergot ink, which may stay in the system for decades.


5. Corrine, Corinna. Pain index: minimal, really, since we sort of hear this in our heads every hour or so anyway.