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We touched on this very briefly at the mothership 'round the end of last week, but yes, it's a real thing that is happening: West Virginia is considering beer sales to raise revenue at certain athletic events. Naturally, we are of the stout opinion that this is a monumental milestone in human achievement that will rain gold and pilsner upon the good people of 'Eer Nation. Just as naturally, there are naysayers. Our West Virginia blogger is here to rebut:

The fans that want to increase their level of intoxication will do so regardless of WVU alcohol policy.  No fan, regularly 100% sober at games, is going to decide to all of a sudden drink 10 beers because they're now being sold.  [...] I have no way of actually proving those beliefs.  Truly, other than reported fan incidents recorded by event staff and Morgantown or University police, it will be very difficult to prove it after the fact, even from Oliver Luck.  But even if fan behavior doesn't improve, the added revenue sales will greatly help the athletic department's coffers.  If fan behavior just stays the same, this will be a huge win for the Mountaineer program.

In other words, when Morgantown on a Saturday night goes from this:


to this:


HOW WILL THAT BE ANY DIFFERENT FROM ANY OTHER SATURDAY NIGHT? Please, Football Jesus, let them get this underway somehow in time for the LSU game.

(Wait. We believe we may have missed the point. In all actual seriousness, we love Morgantown to distraction, agree with our Smoking Musket brethren on all points, and vow that even if this plan does go terribly, terribly awry, its smoldering aftermath will only increase our genuine affection for the program.)