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Ha, it's funny how Stanford was the university whose "easy class" list leaked first since Stanford is notorious for grade inflation anyway. This is only true after you dodge the low probabilities of getting into Stanford in the first place, and HAHAHA THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU OVER THE SOUND OF THE HOUNDS CHASING YOU OFF THE PROPERTY, but still, Stanford: it's not like you really need an easy classes list, since you all get A's and B's anyway. 

Nevertheless--most likely because unlike you, they're Stanford-grade students and therefore prepared--a list allegedly exists, news prompting shock and surprise from no one because everyone knows what majors and specific classes athletes are pointed toward in the name of academic eligibility. Considering that all students have at least some leeway to pad their intellectual diet of greens and lean meats with bags of Fritos like "Growing Fruit for Fun and Profit," "Disc Sports (aka Frisbee)," or "Intro to Leisure," all classes available when we were undergrads at Florida

This now of course leads to a random sampling of amazing stories of academic adventures at the very fringe of the border of the edge of the definition of education. HOO-RAAH:

  • We did drop Physics for Dummies because Days of Our Lives was on, and it was the season where Marlena was possessed by the devil, and you really can't look away from that kind of thing. Stefano, you scoundrel, you!
  • In "Coaching Football" we discovered that Steve Spurrier was a terrible public speaker and a very nice guy. We also got a B for not reading the textbook, though our playbook project at the end of the semester received an A. (Hint: FOUR VERT and SHOTGUN DRAW were our base plays.)
  • Judo was great, even if our instructor did occasionally endorse full-on chokeouts just to see how people would react. (Answer: badly!)
  • Lady Swindle took "Gender and the Vampire Myth." We went once, and the entire classroom smelled like sweaty pleather.
  • The best classes we took involved the study of the history of disease, though the subtitle for any of the classes could have been "How Human History Is Mostly Woodcut Illustrations Of Piles Of Bodies."
  • Human Sexuality was also about skulls, mostly, which certainly didn't fuck up anyone's sexual tastes at a still-formative age, now did it, creepy kid who sat next to me in the Dahmer glasses?
  • A member of the Swindle family really did fail Frisbee when he forgot he was enrolled. If this is still your worst nightmare years later, you are not alone.

Anyway, it's not a huge deal, especially when you have students being admitted as learning disabled all over the place and entire majors rife with student-athletes trying to stay eligible in their real major, football.  Our favorite reader tale of academic sandbagging follows after the jump.

@Nastinchka @edsbs I took bowling for my PE at UGA. It wasn't even on campus, just at a random Athens bowling alley. And we just...bowled.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

We really should ask Amanda how she knows this was a "class" and not just a guy "taking money for sitting around and watching you bowl." In conclusion: GO DAWGS, and leave your best in the comments below.