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Sure, there's mock-news going on here, but what's really important in life? Queefcore, that's what. In an effort to continue the EDSBS Continuing Education Curriculum going, we bring you the Music Appreciation portion of our season of offseason lectures with the Queefcore Lectures.

Featuring guest professors Jerkwheatery and Luke from 11 Warriors, we give the listener the following:

  • A basic theory of queefcore!
  • An identification of which queefcore band is fronted by the white Usher!
  • A breakdown of the most queefcore city ever, Orlando!
  • A list of the genre's faces who belong on Mt. Queefmore! 
  • It's around 50 minutes, but it's an excellent time-killer if you like suggesting that Nickelback writes songs about receiving sex from homeless men. Listen here, or in the player below.