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Paging Dr. Raleigh St. Clair: Randall Mackey, redshirt junior quarterback for Ole Miss, has a medical condition straight out of Oliver Sacks' discarded essay topics. While perfectly fine to converse in normal situations, the quarterback seizes up and cannot communicate at the line or out on the field.

The "it" he’s referring to is this: a confounding, confusing and utterly critical speech impediment. Mackey, who is as pleasant and smooth in a conversation as can be, can suddenly lock up in the huddle, when he’s needing to call a play, or at the line of scrimmage, when the situation calls for an audible.

That "it" happened after a concussion in the eighth grade in Louisiana during a football game. Ever since that point Mackey has been prone to the condition, a really terrifying glitch of the cranial wiring one might think would terrify a coach potentially interested in the JUCO QB. Then again, we're dealing with Houston Nutt, so this makes total sense.

Fun game notes for SEC West defenses: Ole MIss could start a quarterback this fall who often cannot audible at the line and who sometimes loses the ability to speak in the huddle.  Downer note: This is fine because it's a Houston Nutt offense, and they're really just running the ball a lot and making shit up on pass plays anyway.