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WE WIN. Via @bubbaprog, the logo game on ESPNU is OVER:


EVERYDAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY, OR SUNDAY, THURSDAY, SOME WEDNESDAYS, THE OCCASIONAL FRIDAY, AND SOMETIMES A TUESDAY. The SEC formally has had no discussions about playing football on Sundays in the event of an NFL lockout, but you're probably asking the wrong conference about moving games around for television's sake. Hint: rhymes with Fun Felt! And you'll probably watch it, and then laugh with a measure of sympathy at your NFL friends calling you screaming "WHO THE FUCK ARE THE RAGIN' CAJUNS?" 

BTW, this move will seem brilliant when the NFL's starving fans latch onto the Sun Belt and turn it into the most successful conference in America in two years, finally growing into a conference of a stature befitting their metal-as-fuck website.

IMPORTANT OHIO STATE NEWS. Joel Hale vomited copiously into a trash can at morning workouts today. This is very important. Um, and Terrelle Pryor's still in a walking boot, but really the important part is noting that Joel Hale vomited like a goddamn champion with the ghost of Woody Hayes standing approvingly behind him, but not patting him on the back because men don't touch other men except in violence.

THEY AIN'T MAD ATCHA. At least one Oregon fan would buy Will Lyles, he of the recruiting service that is the focus of an NCAA investigation at multiple schools, a drink. This is further evidence added to the "Oregon is a lost member of the SEC" file.

IS THIS...SOMEWHAT VIRTUOUS IN A BACKWARDS WAY? Florida State has an innovative solution to being over the scholarship limit: they're just gonna chill. That sound you hear is's head exploding. Kind of want them to go to the NCAA and just say, "We invoke the case of Deez versus Nutz in defense of this practice," and then just smirk and wait for a reply.

DO YOU WANT YOUR HOME PROTECTED BY JAKE LOCKER? Election season got started early, we see.

NFL SCOUTS ARE SMRT. Nick Fairley's draft status is falling because he may be too talented to succeed in the NFL. Got it. [SNIFFS ALL THE GLUE.] [ALL OF THE GLUE?] [ALL OF THE GLUE.]

AWWW, IT'S LIKE THE END OF FIELD OF DREAMS. Just some bros being bros, man.