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With March Madness cranking away, you probably need an open thread, but we can't just do that, can we? NO WE JUST GIVE YOU MORE AND MORE AND MORE THAN YOU CAN HANDLE, READER!!! Being about value, we insist on providing you with a link to the full schedule of games today, and a note about how all those productivity numbers you hear are bullshit, and a non-sequitur link to LSU's Big Cat Drills, and last but not least the most relevant part of all, our 64 team bracket of Redneck awesome.


The finish will be controversial, but you'll have to understand that when confronted with an "Airboats vs. Smokey and the Bandit" final, the only logical decision to make here is the destruction of both in creating something new and wonderful in the process. A few explanatory notes:

  1. "Canned bear" was originally a typo for "canned beer," but dammit if it didn't make some serious sense once we saw it. 
  2. We mean a pretty national definition of rednecks, thus the inclusion of Idaho River Racing
  3. Bud Foster vs. David Allan Coe is a hard, hard matchup for both competitors.
  4. Meth is clearly the disappointment of the tournament.

Okay, now if you'd like to comment about bouncysqueakyball, you may do so.