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We don't know what yours looks like, but ours is AWESOME.


We're taking all of your bets now, because our choices are INVINCIBLE. When Schnelly meets Schnelly in the middle there really is no winner, but instead the forming of a giant Schnellenberger Singularity, a SCHNELLULARITY, if you will. We don't know what the scientific implications of a SCHNELLULARITY are, but we are guessing the side effects of exposure to such a phenomenon would be increased dapperness, outbreaks of sheer victory, streaks of ornery bastardy, and random mustache apparition all over the place.

Bracketology is kind of infectious, though, since it allows you to immediately take 64 thing and make them fight to to the death all at once. We did "British Things" after the jump. Why's the Queen a 13 seed, but Curry a seven seed as an import? Because they're both beloved imports, the Queen's German, and because of curry's close relationship with two extremely British things perhaps more beloved than the Queen herself, soccer and lager.


No one said there wouldn't be a few upsets along the way. Shortbread has the most dramatic path, taking a hard route out of the Group of Death against Holiday Prostitution, Ab Fab, Dr. Who, and finally running out of steam against a rested and ready Curry. Stephen Fry gets upset by Monty Python, another shocker, though Monty Python's run to the Final Four really isn't as shocking as it seems initially.  Their defeat of fried food is proof this is a "British Things" bracket, not a "Scottish Things" bracket where the Final Four of Heart Disease, Fried Food, Lager, and Sheep all refuse to play each other and instead embrace in a group hug in the middle of the court.