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We remain stalwart supporters of all things Mike Leach, the genius thrown to the side of the road by the shitheel burghers of Lubbock because he rightfully imprisoned Adam James, the most productive wide receiver in the nation named "Adam James." If you need a re-enactment of the Leach/James shed banishment scene, just watch the flogging scenes in Master and Commander, and substitute Leach for Russel Crowe, "shed-sittin'" for "beating the hell out of someone," and an animated Flamingo with a nametag reading "Adam James" for the sailor. It was exactly like that.

Therefore we cannot more forcefully endorse the Mike Leach-approved Team Leach cookbook, the Fat Little Girlfriends Cookbook. This is real and unfabricated content, and we had nothing to do with it. Leach himself wrote the foreword, and expounds on the deeper meaning of "fat little girlfriends."

Use some of these recipes to make meals for you to share with your friends.  There’s nothing better than spending time to enjoy a meal, get close to each other, laugh and just savor life.  Although the relaxed, content and complacent comfort which is provided by fat little girlfriends may not be productive to football, it is the mortar that binds family and friends together.

The meals best include "Mesh-ed Potatoes" or we're not ordering it. The Tommy Tuberville cookbook would never make it past the first page, since the current Texas Tech coach subsists entirely on a diet of Golden Flake potato chips.

(Via Jacob and the fat little girlfriends of the world.)