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EXCLUSIVE MUST CREDIT EDSBS REPEAT MUST CREDIT EDSBS. Pics of the Ole Miss Black Bear costume have been leaked, and whoa get a look at that cheerleading squad.


This is not the actual Ole Miss mascot, though the five racist asshole fans who get overly vocal every time someone in Oxford attempts to do the right thing are probably nodding their head in approval. The actual photos are at RCR, and it looks exactly like the proposed Black Bear mascot sketches submitted during the mascot competition. Nazi Bear fought valiantly during the Battle of the Bulge, was captured, revealed his extensive knowledge of the German V-2 program, and after some legal wrangling became an integral part of the United States' Mercury and Gemini Space Programs. He was shot and killed by a neighbor in Sarasota, Florida in 1984 when he discovered Nazi Bear foraging for food in his garbage cans. He was 238 years old.

IN CASE YOU WEREN'T ALREADY TIRED OF OVERSIGNING. The Wall Street Journal has cracked into oversigning with no small degree of zeal, and their article on the practice is as clear and dispassionate a summary of why coaches do it in the first place as you'll read. All three SEC coaches interviewed--Nutt, Petrino, and Spurrier--defend the practice, though Petrino's defense is the least apologetic and most clinical, and thus most palatable.

The mechanism that really makes oversigning work, however, has always been there: blind confidence on the part of the athletes that willingly participate.

Defensive tackle Uriah Grant of Miramar, Fla., committed to play for Nutt in Mississippi last month. Grant said the extra bodies, and the extra competition, "doesn't bother me—I actually embrace it. I know I'm gonna be a starter."

As long as an athlete believes they'll win out no matter what, the honeypot lives. Mmm. Honeypot. #needsbreakfast #willgetheadstuckinjarfiveminutesafterthispost

AUBURN KICKS RUNNING BACK OFF TEAM, FREES UP CAP ROOM. Auburn's Eric Smith has been kicked off the team for an unspecified violation of team rules. We don't want to encourage rumors, but we're sure that the phrase means what "unspecified violation of team rules" always means: "all-night killing spree in Loachapoka ." (All Auburn football players are allowed free killing reign in Lokapocha like Spartans on Helots, but only on Wednesdays.)

JULIO JONES' PARTS ARE TOUGHER THAN YOUR PARTS. Goddamn, even with busted parts Julio Jones is twice the machine you'll ever be.

WHO IS "SOMEONE WHO WILL BE 75% LESS BROKEN AT THE END OF THE SEASON IN 2011?" ANSWER: Denard Robinson, Jeopardy answer and Michigan quarterback.


WINNING. Just try not to hit the "Winning" button ten times in the minute after clicking on this.