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Via Hinton: behold a youthful Steve Spurrier and his brilliantined hair live (via tape delay) in brilliant technicolor! 

Sullivan was notoriously forgetful and bad with names, so introducing Floyd Little from Syracuse as Spurrier was par for the course. Sullivan, who broke the Beatles with a national television appearance, didn't know who Paul McCartney was in a later meeting, and never remembered Diana Ross' name. This is also how you know Sullivan was not gay, because child please, that's Ms. Ross you're looking at there.

But then announcing him as being from the University of Miami? COME ON SON. That is a disservice both to our long heritage of slightly rednecky golden boy honky quarterbacks and to the University of Miami, who certainly wants nothing to do with a quarterback who was married as an undergrad. (Even Ken Dorsey spent time "breaking down the women's soccer team," per Clinton Portis.)  Do notice this, though: not only is Spurrier's hair lacquered to his head with wood sealant, he walks off the stage the exact way he walks today. We thought the lope was age catching up to the Fademaster, but the gait has evidently continued unchanged to this very day.

P.S. This is also how you know Steve Spurrier was not gay or a commie, since he is on the Ed Sullivan Show.

PPS. Bob Griese from some fictional university is in there, too.