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We've been watching the Combine all day, and really they should have more feats of strength indicative of a football player's overall power. We know why they don't squat, for instance (you have to run later in the day, and if you've tried to do this you know the results are pure sorrow.) Why they don't power clean, the lift that actually replicates football power most? Probably due to the risk of injury, though how this is a legitimate argument after Stafon Johnson dropped a bar on his trachea while doing the bench (the one strength exercise they do at the combine and do to failure) is a bit bizarre.

That's a somewhat realistic request, though we'd like to see any of the following.

  • Kickers and punters attempt full-size Atlas Stones.
  • Linebackers tackle feral hogs.
  • Offensive linemen must throw 100 pound sandbags through basketball hoop
  • Defensive linemen run the hurdles (Not strength related, we just want to see it.)
  • Quarterbacks must bodyweight squat until they vomit (via Iowa strength training program.)

The topics this week on the Squatland Yard Podcast with EDSBS Fitness Guru and Dick Joke High School writer/director @rickmuscles include squatting to Al Kapone, the insane workout regimen Rick Muscles is doing right now, the best scenes in Pumping Iron, and the overly easy satire that awaits you in the Four Hour Body. (Hint: everything's easier when you're an angel investor without a family!) Also namechecked is Bolo Yeung, who at this moment is behind you and waiting to strike.

Download the episode here or listen in the player below.