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Yes, everyone in the SEC still hates Lane Kiffin, but in the national sense of the word his bad reputation has evaporated as USC settles into the business of quietly enduring their probation and scholarship restrictions, maintaining a relatively low profile, and being quiet, responsible neighbors in the Pac-12. We're sure this feels as weird to you as it does to the Pac-12 and college football in general, but Lord Doofbag himself is going through a mature phase, so enjoy it while it lasts.

(The NCAA is not feeling so forgiving of past transgressions, but let's stay positive here.) (For once.) (Just because we're feeling contrarian.)  (Lane Kiffin has beautiful eyes and a lovely hairline.) #nicethingssaidaboutLaneKiffin

In the meantime, if you need the proud but slightly downsized USC dynasty in a single image at this moment, this would be it.


Can a smart car be "ballin'?

Could u ride slutwaves in such a small car?

Did Ed Orgeron paint this in "relevant colors" only to "eat it hardcore in one piece" minutes later?

Is this car's maximum acceleration "on mad probation?"

Would you let USC bro Mark Sanchez borrow this?

Would he have enough room to "nail 17 year old tail" in the back?

Can Snoop Dogg buy one and paint it every team color ever?