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Loads of Clowney reaction here and here, but it's really all about Clowney being a fire-breathing Rock Hill rock monster coming after the Dabo-cats. All hail Freek! SCHNARF!

List of things that always concerned us about this show:

  • They could breathe in space. Space is supposed to be a cold terrifying void that supercomputers throw you into while taking over the mission, not some fun, slightly frosty playground you can just toodle around in helmetless. 
  • Lion-O's singlet. Way, way too short, especially in the back. Not even functional for Olympic lifters.
  • Panthro is supposed to be black, right? And is always Lion-O's do-bitch, getting captured and forever having to fix the things the other Thundercats' dumb asses wreck? Stupid racist Thundercats. At least Destro, the other "not black, but really he's black" character got to dish out ownage all the time and wear cool shit. Panthro is in an even more awkward singlet, and he's forever driving people everywhere. WHY DON'T YOU JUST CALL YOURSELF MISS DAISY, LION-O?
  • Batman-level lack of imagination in naming things. Planet: Thundera. Name of their fort: "The Cat's Lair." Panthro even refers to the horn on their ThunderTank as "the Thunderhorn." Thunderbreakfast will be ThunderCakes With Thundersyrup and ThunderCoffee, followed by the inevitable ThunderDump In our ThunderLavatory. ThunderThunderThunder
  • The name of the villains never really bothered us, because the planet "Plun-darr" is so dumb it's lovable, much like the planet of touchy stepfathers "Moles-Tarr" and the twitchy land of gas station meth-heads "Twitch-Terr."