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The entire EDSBS staff is en route to Texas for meetings. We will be in Austin, a place of such indelible indie/hipster cred we're already over it and we haven't even been there, since it was so much cooler before we ever even went there in our mind before ever going there. In conclusion: Shiner Bock Band you've never even heard of you don't even know what Mexican food really is never moving anywhere else.

This means the Digital Viking will take a long pillage and return with loot next week, though we do have a story from a former player under standing Patron Saint Eternal Howard Schnellenberger, who once crashed a flag football class's practice and demanded excellence from a crew of terrified U of Louisville students.

Read the whole thing here, but this may be the new header for the site for a few weeks:

"I CALLED TEXAS 32 POST, NOOOOT TEXAS 32 FLAG!!!!!!!" the old coach bellowed as certainly he had done a thousand times before in real practice during his illustrious career.

We'lll be pointing at everything with a pipe in hand for emphasis for the rest of the day. We suggest you do the same, and enjoy your weekend.