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It's the offseason, and chances are you gained a good 5-10% of your total bodyweight in beer, barbecue, and whatever else you shoved in your mouth during the football season. There's a lot of things you can eat that aren't food, you know.

Being promoters of good living that we are, we present the first of our deep conversations with EDSBS commenter and Boner Academy creator Rick Muscles, an enthusiast of the fine art of squatting and other forms of male fitness adventures. In our podcast we answer reader questions with the help of some actual real trained and certified help via Justin from, who was more than generous with his expertise and time. So we're only making part of it up, and not the part about half-squats being fifth-grade gay, though we really did get a serious question on overhead pressing from someone with the handle @vipstrippers. (Our readers are AWESOME.)

Teach your thighs to bring the thunder and listen to the Squatland Yard Podcast here, or in the embedded player below. And yes, it really is just Rick Muscles and ourselves talking about working out.