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Houston Nutt's for Ole Miss would be spectacular. There would be a long tunnel of obstacles, then a lake of fire, and then a giant forge where a hundred Colonel Rebs plunged into the furnace and then emerge as a giant fire bear with like seven thousand scholarship offers in its hand. Take one, but choose wisely, for some lead to scholarship, while others are but worthless "shirts of gray!" 

(This is an unnamed school's recruiting video okay it's Auburn when will the tired cash jokes stop NEVER WE TELL YOU NEVER.)

CONTINUED OVERSPECULATION ON THE MOTIVES OF HIGH SCHOOLERS. The big SBN signing day thread is here, but several major storylines and non-stories bear mention. Florida's class is going to kind of suck in comparison to recent years, especially when Muschamp still hustling around introducing himself.  Tennessee's reminding y'all not to be dumbasses and to not contact recruits on Facebook, though Tennessee SID Bud Ford doesn't know what the hell THE Facedbooks are, and will certainly not grant them a press pass until they are associated with a printed document you can hold while tanking a morning constitutional. FSU is taking advantage of the power vacuum and is fucking killing it on the recruiting trail in a 1986-ish way. And for the record, let's all spell it together: J-A-D-E-V-E-O-N. The pronunciation is "Holy shit run it's Jadeveon." 

REDUNDANCY REDUNDANCY NEWS OF THE NEWS.  Oversigning rules not stopping oversigning in effort to stop oversigningness.

CRAIG JAMES IS SUPPORTED BY ALL PEOPLE EVERYWHERE.  Most in Lubbock support him, according to polls done by Craig James, statistician.

UPDATE TO COME: But yes, we see this, and this. Former USC DE Everson Griffen was arrested for assaulting a police officer a few days after being arrested for public drunkenness. We remind you that USC really isn't that far from Compton, and WHAT THE HELL DO YOU HAVE TO DO TO GET ARRESTED FOR P.D. IN COMPTON JESUS, MAN.