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Just I can what help maybe just okay a second. You thought you could leave your kids with Uncle Will and maybe you still can but he invites his friends over and first there was this fat dude who ate all your chips but at least he didn't try to do anything or interact with the kids no he just sort of sat there and said "HMMMGNNNGG" and then stole cash from your wife's purse okay he was a dick but he's gone.

But if he invites his other friends over ohhhh no this could get bad because he'll try to do things. He'll say "hey I know how to get toilet paper out of that tree" and he'll light it on fire and then an hour later he'll be like "can I climb on the fire truck guys" as they're putting the tree out. Or maybe he'll say hey I'll wash the dishes and when the living room is full of bubbles three feet deep he'll say what do you mean dish soap isn't dishwasher soap that's CRAZY I'm not the stupid one for getting that one wrong the baby? No idea where the baby went wait you mean they can GO places well I learned TWO thing today LOL--

No seriously, this is how things slip. This is how you make someone wonder about their basic competence. This is how a heart breaks. This is how you make people quote Rob Thomas, Will Muschamp, because you might be that horrible moment in our football lives when nothing but Rob Thomas is on the radio, and you just have to eat shit until you find something better on the radio. You might not be competent. We're having to deal with this thought.