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THE ED-209 WAS FRAMED. So was Detroit, yet another place where you have the options to say "Well, that was as bad as we thought," or "Well, I plummeted my expectations into a well so vast and deep that the eventual settling point of my hopes proved to be buoyant at a level substantially above my worst fears. That is to say, I was not eaten upon deplaning, and that was certainly better than I could have imagined."

Travis of Hammer and Rails is at the Little Caesar's Bowl (4:30 p.m., ESPN) so you don't have to be, and he reports that as long as you're in Greektown, Detroit isn't too bad. Snowing and 34, yes, but not as bad as you might imagine, especially when you have the warmish confines of Ford Field to watch the game from and the promise of Canadian gambling and strippers waiting for you just over the water in Windsor.

Listen here, or in the embedded player below. J DILLA FOREVER.