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This is what LSU fans are doing, just going to every corner of the earth and tagging unclaimed spaces with "LSU #1 WOOOOO." (The WOOOO is like the x in Geaux Tigers: implied and silent.) They are also living in fear of Papa Noel, the skunkbearded swamp Santa who brings spare boat parts, pig innards, and spent shotgun casings to the youth of Louisiana. He may also be responsible for a string of arson cases up and down Mississippi Delta, and is a beloved figure in the community.

The rest of us are attempting something like a holiday, so while LSU fans are hanging by their ankles off the Burj Dubai spray-painting FEAR THE HAT onto the glass of the world's tallest skyscraper, let's review the holiday schedule for EDSBS.

Friday: You're looking at it. We gotta shop, too.

Saturday: Hawaii Bowl 35 for 35 will be up around noon. Drinking.

Sunday: Holiday card will post. Drinking.

Monday: Curious Index, Independence Bowl 35 for 35. Most likely a bowl/movie review on mainsite.

Enjoy this special time, and if you see someone driving badly please be sure to throw an entire venti Starbucks' coffee at them like we just did a few hours a go. It runs right off their windshield, but the terror seeps through to their very soul.