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We know there are downsides to coaching Hawai'i football. Your facilities pale in comparison to those on the mainland, your home recruiting pool is talented but small, and if you do recruit off the island, you have to tell non-native recruits' mothers they will have to fly 2500 miles at a bare minimum across open water to see your child play college football. (Darryl McBride, Hawai'i LB, is 4,917 miles from his home in Philadelphia. Guess who doesn't like going home for weekends?)

The upsides remain obvious. You get to live in Hawai'i, coach football for a living, and enjoy a unique and fearsome homefield advantage while living in Hawai'i. You could also put in your application without being drowned out by too much static and clutter. We are dead serious about this: exactly 42 people have submitted applications for the job, meaning you could theoretically submit an application for the job and at least get the LOLsome moment of having someone see your "Owned shit with Dwight Dasher in NCAA 2K11 and won several Sun Belt championships" before chucking it in the garbage.

To let you know what a grab bag of people are involved in the search right now, and just how random the selection is? Georgia Tech's wide receivers coach Buzz Preston has declared himself interested, thus unleashing a whole series of revelations:

  1. Georgia Tech has a wide receivers' coach?
  2. Georgia Tech has a coach named "Buzz?"
  3. No really Georgia Tech coaches their wide receivers?
  4. You really should put a resume in because you might get this job with a good enough interview, and then we would get on your staff, and we'd all have one or two best years of our lives before the Pineapple Triads chased us out for points-shaving too obviously.