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HOUSTON, TOGETHER WE DANCE BUNGA-BUNGA. Us: "Hey, Freek, can you give us a gif of Houston Nutt and Silvio Berlucsoni doing the dance scene from House Party?" Freek: "LOL, why?" Us: "Just feels right."

[ten minutes later]

Freek: "Here you go."


If two recently fired bros could ever hang out together immediately, it would be these two. Red Cup Rebellion suggests their own head coaching candidates, and ooooh, boy, we hadn't thought of the tantalizing and dangerous choice of Rich Rodriguez in all this, and how badly and well that could go depending on no less than a thousand factors.

OBLIGATORY PATERNO. Retiring at the end of the season, per the AP this am.  Addressed fans in a surreal impromptu press conference at his house. Generated more sad writing from people who can write about this without sounding stupid or bunkerish. This is horrible and we'll write anything else we might want to say about it on the Mothership, but this still stands. Jon Bois on why PSU fans should of course still be PSU fans. Ben Jones doing work on BSD and Twitter. Something we respectfully disagree with in almost every sense of the word.

A LOGICAL REACTION TO THE REST OF THE BIG TEN SLATE. .321? Latvian drivers salute you, sir.

WE THINK WE LIKE OKLAHOMA STATE. If this is the general key of life in Stillwater, it sounds ilke exactly our kind of place.

HE DOESN'T CARE FOR AUBURN. Mark Richt's punishment for transgressions against the program includes being forced to address the media, which may be the worst bit of all for camera-shy football players. Fortunately, Isaiah Crowell doesn't mind this a bit, and does not care for Auburn.