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BEARDED MAN TALKS TO DRUNK MEN IN FITTEDS AND WOMEN WHO SWARM FOR CAMERAS WHILE GOING EEEEEEEEEEE. So we as a network have this new contract with Youtube to provide original content for an SBNation channel. "Why, we have a capital idea," said the chairpersons of this website. "Let's just take a skilled videographer, and make him follow a total amateur around Jacksonville during the World's Largest Cocktail Party while he talks to drunk people."

The results were far better than we anticipated, but still a rough cut. Note: the sound is off due to some mike issues, but sounds better through headphones. Adjust your knobs as needed.

Hopefully we'll get to do one of these for Texas/TAMU this year, and in some greater degree of documentaryishness.  

CONOR SHAW MAY NOT START AGAINST FLORIDA. We really would like to say "Oh, yeah, let's just beat them with their best, and that's the only way to do it," but if Conor Shaw has to sit out the South Carolina game due to a concussion, we will take every possible edge we can in order to get a winning record this season. Meanwhile, John Brantley will not practice, but will certainly play against the Gamecocks this weekend, and that's good? We mean, "Yay, that's great!" (Via Alligator Army, your one-stop-shop for more reasoned analysis than you'll ever find here.) 

MORE PATERNO THINGS SO IF YOU DON'T WANT TO READ THIS SKIP TO THE NEXT BIT.  Hinton wrote a better Paterno piece than anyone else did, and if you get nothing else from it get this: this is so not the end Paterno's career deserves, but it is the one he is getting and justly so. Some forms of protest are more cutting than any column or post. Lavar Arrington sounds legitimately torn by the scandal. Paterno has a teleconference scheduled for today, and will not be answering any questions about the case. They'll get asked, though. The Patriot-News is the first local paper to come out and say the obvious.

FAREWELL HOUSTON DALE, CONT'D. Mike Leach is not getting the Ole Miss job. Mike Leach is not getting the Ole Miss job. This would be really cool and great and stuff and yay catfish farm pirates but no, there is no way Mike Leach is going to get the job with a bunch of Ole Miss good ole boys hiring the new coach. These other six might, with Kirby Smart being the guy who would help finish the dreary Sabanization of the SEC. Let's have a field position and pro-style time/ let's have a field position time. 

TCU, THE PERPETUAL KINGMAKER. Yet again, TCU seems to be the odd linchpin of crucial strength-of-schedule arguments for one team or another to get into the BCS.

STEPHEN GOOD DOES SOMETHING BAD. Pretty chill policing if you can shove someone's head against a wall and then just sign something and walk off.