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Don't get blasé about all this. Just remember that in a weekend where the BCS standings still had Alabama third ahead of undefeated Stanford after the GAME OF THE CENTURY OF THE WEEK in Tuscaloosa, that after OK State eked out a heart-stopping shootout in Stillwater over Kansas State, that after Mizzou formally joined the SEC, just remember that on top of all this THERE WAS AN EARTHQUAKE. Please return to being bored, unless you are Kirk Herbstreit riding out the whole thing atop T. Boone Pickens Gigantic Eco-Friendly Concrete Penis Stadium.

You may returned to being cool and bored and stuff now.

GIGGITY BOTARKASADFACE. Houston Nutt will resign at a press conference at 2 p.m. CT and coach out the rest of the season, according to a report from our very own Stephen Godfrey. Logical replacement candidates include a mistake, another mistake, and probably someone else who will be a colossal mistake. (Also: Houston Nutt)

NOT SURE IF SERIOUS. The BCS standings can be ignored for the moment, as the margin Alabama holds over Stanford is small, and the Arkansas to Oklahoma section is just nonsense, and let's hope the remaining month helps this all make some sense. (If you are on #teamanarchy like we are, you sort of hope they don't, and then will throw gas on it all in the end.) Oregon and Arkansas have the chance to seriously fuck up some business down the stretch, and if malice doesn't motivate you, you are seriously a better person than we are.

NOT SURE IF SERIOUS, PART TWO.  There's a lot of deadly accuracy here, but AJ McCarron played just as badly as every other QB in big games against this LSU defense.

THE OTHER HORRENDOUS THING FROM THIS WEEKEND.  On Penn State and the Sandusky abuse scandal. None of that was easy to write, and please don't think for a second that it was fun. Horror, real live horror, in all directions, especially for some like Posnanski who's right there watching it all happen.