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So this Craigslist ad appears on Indianapolis' Craigslist site. It looks like this.


To save your eyes: it's a blanket ad requesting seat fillers. While not mentioned by name, the B1G Championship is the only event in Indianapolis on Saturday night involving a Lucas Oil Field and fans showing up in green and red clothing. The pay: $75 for the event. (The link is still live, but in case it's yanked, hello screenshot.)

Being intrepid, curious, and fond of small cons, we got our hands on one of the email responses to an operative. (We also sent our own, but as of this post's writing we have not received a response. B1G speed, baby!) The response regurgitates a lot of what is in the ad, but includes this establishing that this is indeed for the B1G Championship.

Our client has asked for discretion about this opportunity, as "seat-filling" is behind-the-scenes aspect of this event production.

On the day of the event event, we will designate a parking garage and validate your parking. Seat fillers will be assigned seats inside or near the event close to the event start time. We expect fillers will need to be checked in around 6:30pm on Saturday. The event itself begins shortly after 8pm, and we expect it to conclude close to midnight. You will receive payment at the end of the evening upon turning in the paperwork given to you at the beginning of the evening.

The letter is signed at the end from "ICC"

Unless you believe there is a completely parallel event involving the stadium, There is literally a nanosecond of detective work involved in figuring out that ICC stands for "Indianapolis Convention Center," the facility attached to Lucas Oil Stadium. The Big Ten's not lying when it says it's not paying for seat-fillers, but the tempting bit of verbiage there is "our client." That client could be a number of parties: the City of Indianapolis, FOX Sports, or the B1G, who wouldn't be lying when they said they weren't paying people, but who could in theory be paying the ICC to pay people to attend the game. (Then again, knowing what we know, so could we. EDSBS TROLLING THE B1G FROM THE INSIDE IT'S SO HAPPENING.)