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The hit Marquel Wade of Arkansas put on Jonathan Krause in the Arkansas/Vandy game was awesome--er, unsportsmanlike, horrible, and had no place in the game whatsoever. BUT OOOH THE NOISE AND PAIN ARE SO SHINY AND APPEALING. 

We know getting hit like this hurts more than you can possibly comprehend if you have not had a helmet put into your person at full speed, and that it has no place in the game. We also recognize that Krause was unfairly hit, and that he remains the victim here. That said, we assure you that Wade--whose taunting after the play was really what got him full-on ejected from the game--suffered amply in the aftermath from this incident. 

We know this because not only did Wade apologize, but his mother felt obligated to offer up an apology, as well. 

"I got an apology from him and his mom … Facebook, Twitter," Krause said. "It was his mom that sent the letter (via Facebook). It was nice of her to take her time out and send the letter."

The hit had to hurt, but Wade may have had his ass kicked both physically and emotionally by his mom. Krause may have gotten his revenge without lifting a finger. Don't think James Franklin isn't waiting to kick your ass, Bobby Petrino. He's fighting someone before this season is over, and...sigh. It'll probably be Boom this weekend.