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JUST LIKE BO SAID IT. Nine and two? Let's ask Ol' Pizzafarts how he does it. The response is inspiring, and full of the wisdom of someone who came up through the school of hard knocks. Listen. Learn.

On a similar inspirational note, The MZone has two of our foremost cultural commentators weigh in on the Michigan/Ohio State rivalry. It's a stimulating conversation, and one you will not soon forget.

BECAUSE SERIOUSLY YOU DO NOT WANT TO MESS WITH THE HAWAIIAN MAFIA. If a points-shaving scandal were going to happen anywhere in college football, it really would be at Hawaii, where a local gambling scene and powerful organized crime presence blooms far from the notice of the mainland. RJ Bell of notes that Hawaii bettors have lost six games in a row, and that the Warriors are the only team in college football to lose by more than a TD as a 17 point favorite, so there's some genuine fish-stink to the whiffs of point-shaving coming from an anonymous tip received by Hawaii police. OH THIS WOULD BE THE BEST MAGNUM EPISODE EVER.

NECESSARY MOTHERSHIP THINGS. First of all Stephen Godfrey got the all-access treatment from Vanderbilt leading up to the Tennessee game, and then wrote a fascinating recap of the lead-up to the Commodores eventual 27-21 loss to the Volunteers. Bill's got a double feature going: The Numerical is here, and a circumspect treatment of the Razorbacks' chances against LSU is here

PAUL JOHNSON MEANT TO SAY THAT YOU WERE MENTALLY HANDICAPPED, JUST NOT IN THAT EXPLICIT A MANNER. Paul Johnson apologized for saying that someone who would call into a radio show and bark into the telephone was "retarded," and for that is he is very sorry. Doug didn't mean to do that, Paul, but it just breaks out of him like that sometimes when he's not condemning Tech's discriminatory admissions policies. #MarsNeedsWomen

THE ROOF IS NOT ON FIRE AND THAT IS THE PROBLEM.  BREAKING NEWS: Auburn football players recognize same thing message board denizens have noticed since he was defensive coordinator at Georgia Tech, which is that Ted Roof is not good at his job.