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You've done well, Houston, but this is your masterwork. (The ME HOUSTA sign was also fine work, sir.) Watch Paul Rhoads continue to be proud of his football team here, throw a few water bottles around your living room, and and know this.

We don't care if you're black. We don't care if you're white. We don't care if you come from Florida, or Texas, or California, or from right here in the state of Internetsylvania. We asked you to buy into engaged sloth. We asked you to snark with love, and SNARK HARD. We asked you to voluntarily lobotomize yourselves with 12 straight hours of football with a laptop open and your pants off. We asked you to continue to provide the internet's finest stream of semi-illustrated nonsense in the comment threads. AND YOU BOUGHT IN. YOU BOUGHT IT HOOK, LINE, AND SINKER.

And we're probably going to get emotional, but right now WE ARE SO PROUD TO BE YOUR BLOGGER.

[sings EDSBS fight song]

[throws bottles of kerosene all over the locker room]

[everything is on fire]