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Just returning some videotapes in CoMo can get awfully complex awfully fast, as Gary Pinkel found out the hard way last night. All we know is contained within this scanty article on KOMO's site, but it does confirm that the head coach of the Missouri Tigers and new SEC bro was arrested for DWI last night in Boone County, MO.

OHHHHH SOOOO MUCH POWER. Power Rankings are up, and filled with OH SO MUCH RAW FOOTBALL POWER. The Accent Rankings in particular should fuel controversies unending, but the general test is this: if you hear an accent and lose your erection/ladyboner, this accent is crap.

SERIOUSLY HE WASN'T AWFUL. He was just head coach at Notre Dame, and that usually means around seven wins a year in the modern era no matter who you are. Bob Davie to New Mexico will be addressed in more detail on this site shortly, but for the moment let us second Bill's suggestion that they hire budding young football mind Craig James as running backs coach.

CLICK IF YOU WANT FURTHER DETAILS ON PENN STATE AND DO NOT IF YOU DO NOT.  The NYT details the investigation in great detail, and it's even more stomach-churning than before.

AND NOW IMMEDIATELY FOR COMIC RELIEF. Cowboys Ride for Free has a fantastic list of things that are older than Brandon Weeden, but #4 wins.

MEAUX ATTENDS THE ATVS SHEAUX. ATVS gets an interview with the LSU goalie, and sort of just drools all over the place and stammers like you would.