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OOOOOOOOOOOOO-hii-oo, come on, ooh yeaah

Well I tried to tell you so (Yes, I did)

But I guess you didn't know

As I said the story goes

Bowling Green's now got that flow

'Cos I knew it from the start

When Dave Clawson won my heart

That Frank Solich had to come again

And show us that they're real


(You lied to me) All those times I watched you on Wednesdays

(You lied to me) Yes I tried, but my DVR backlog went for days

(You lied to me) Though you knew I'd watch on tape delay

(You lied to me) Thank god for wi-fi, thank god for wi-fi-fi


(Return of the MAC) It is

(Return of the MAC) C'mon

(Return of the MAC) Oh my God

(You know that they'll be back) Here they are

(Return of the MAC) Once again

(Return of the MAC) So good you'll hurl

(Return of the MAC) They got offensive flow

(You know that they'll be back) Here they go


The Broncos are back up in the game

Running things to keep their swang

Letting all the Midwesterners know

Life doesn't have to be so slow

'Cos what the BCS did was wrong

And all the nasty thing's they've done

So baby listen carefully

While Don Treadwell sings his comeback song


(You lied to me) 'Cos you said you'd never play on Tuesday

(You lied to me) But you did, but you do

(You lied to me) All these football pangs you said I'd never feel

(You lied to me) But I do, but I do, do, do


(Return of the MAC) Here it is

(Return of the MAC) Hold on

(Return of the MAC) Be strong

(You know that they'll be back) Here they go

(Return of the MAC) Almost major conference football

(Return of the MAC) Just like methadone football

(Return of the MAC) Up and down

(You know that they'll be back) Defenses unsound