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Fri: USF/Syracuse (over wife's shoulder at dinner) Sat: Florida at SC ( :( ). Neb at PSU, WVU at Cincy (POINTS MOTHERFUCKER), and OK St./TTU for flipping. 3:30 Auburn at Georgia on main, Michigan at Illinois (come on quadruple overtime), TAMU/KSU, and TCU/Boise for background. Evening: Oregon/Stanford, Bama/Miss State OH GOD THE BLOOD. Missing: the awesome homer Hawaii announcers.

LUKE (DC and surrounding metro areas)

Michigan State at Iowa, Nebraska at Penn State, Ohio State at Purdue, whatever's on at the tailgate with a bunch of Notre Dame rooting interest, then Gary Crowton playing Bill Walsh football 94 with literally thousands of people watching in a huge, echoey NFL stadium.

RUN HOME JACK (Hellooooooo Brooklyn)

Missing the early games to experience a higher level of existence and do this. Then Miami-FSU, Auburn-Georgia, Washington-USC, Tennessee-Arkansas, Alabama-Mississippi State, Oregon-Stanford, and Arizona State-Washington State.


Rich Rodriguez failed to mention to the fine folks at Tulane that he's in fact jobless *and* homeless.

Let this be your open thread for the hot BEAST action going down this evening. If you need a clue on what games should occupy your television, look no further.