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Life's hard sometimes. You get stranded on the highway. The highway freezes over with ice. A truck skids off the road and wipes your car out and into a ravine. You and the wounded trucker go up the road for help. The trucker points to the side of the road. A bear sits in the dark in the woods along the road. You head up the road, the trucker leaning on your shoulder. In the darkness your foot finds a pothole. The pain lets you know a ligament in your leg has snapped and now you and the trucker are on the ground. The bear moves closer. No traffic comes up the road. Headlights point at jagged angles where cars have run off into ditches and into guardrails. Fear and adrenaline block out the cold. The bear is now so close you can smell his rank musk. The one who hobbles fastest wins. You hear the bear catch the trucker behind you. Screams fill the air but you keep moving because behind you is death and ahead is a less pressing and less imminent death. 

You are somewhat relieved for a second and that is the last thing you remember before being killed by a falling tree heavy with ice.

P.S. Learning is painful.