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Your guide to where and how the leadership of this fine site will indulge in but the finest offerings college football can muster:


WATCHING: Tonight: Boise/Fresno. Tomorrow: RRS, UConn/WVU (lol), FSU/WF, Iowa/PSU, FL/LSU, Auburn/Arkansas, Mizzou/K-State, OSU/Neb (ALL OF THE LOLGHTS), and Wazzu/UCLA (GO COUGS.)

LUKE (Washington D.C.)

WATCHING: Tonight: Boise/Fresno, Tomorrow: UConn/WVU (<3 u PaulP), Oklahoma/Texas, Florida/LSU, Iowa/PSU (#MountingNittany), Miami/VT (PAWWWWL), Michigan/Northwestern, the game of one million tears, Ohio State/Nebraska, then the entire discography of The Smiths/Morrissey to recognize the meaninglessness of everything.

RUN HOME JACK (Brooklyn)

WATCHING: Tonight: Boise/Fresno, Tomorrow: OU/Texas, FSU/Wake, Mizzou/K-State, Florida/LSU, Miami/VT, Auburn/Arkansas, Ohio State/Nebraska, Washington/UCLA. RHJ was to go to Pitt-Rutgers wearing this, but real life interfered. *shakesfistatcrazyoldtestamentworkgod* 


PaulP is everywhere and he is nowhere -- probably watching you pee while he has a colonoscopy.

Use this an open thread for tonight's MWC-WAC non-automatic qualifier tea party. If you must know what's on and you've yet to embrace the purple deity that is LSUFootballNet's TV Guide, well, shame on you, and a pox on your loved ones.