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Go to the 14 minute mark to see Dana Holgorsen openly opine about poor turnout at non-major West Virginia games, and then see him just dare someone to bitch at him about telling the truth. In other conference expansion news, Rock M Nation had an open thread for a curator's meeting, and based on that alone Rock M Nation has earned an invitation to our fair conference.

Finally, Bryce Brown has decided to leave Kansas State and prepare for the NFL Draft. This reminds us of a few important things. First: never, ever recruit someone who has a 'recruiting advisor,' because they are poison. Second, the two star recruit of online radio shows, EDSBS Live, is airing tonight at 8:30 p.m. Eastern, and promises to deliver quality pushing it very nearly into the two-and-a-half star realm of talent production.

We'll talk about how Bob Stoops is a genocidaire, and also about how to survive being demolished at home by Alabama.

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